Anonymous asked:

wait what happened with james what was racist?? :/

firedeputyjames answered:

In the new creature movie trip James did blackface. And I guess he’s saying he didn’t know much about it or something.







Racist: “a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another”

James covering his face black without even intending or knowing what “blackface” was. But white girls on Tumblr are getting really offended and you’re just making him feel like shit for something he didn’t know about.


Problems with ur response:
Limiting the reaction to “white girls on tumblr” like absolutely no one in the creature fandom could possibly be any other race than white????

ok. So he didn’t know what it was. It still doesn’t get him a get out of jail free pass. It’s still offensive, regardless of his knowledge of the act or not. Blackface was used to oppress the race and there’s nothing that can change that.

I’m not saying this like oh wow I hate James now because he did such a terrible thing, it’s I’m saying this because it was problematic and it isn’t just something we should respond to with “oh he didn’t know so it’s ok”

He did not know it was a racial act until now. I do not see how you can be so offended by his lack of knowledge. He simply did not know, he has apologized for it and educated himself on the term. What more can you ask of him?

ok. Let me say that I see that James did not know what it was. Ok, ok. But his apology was just a little on the side of “oh I just didn’t know what it was sorry about that” and it doesn’t excuse his tweet about “Amazing what paint on the face can cause. With no ill intentions in mind.” I do not care if you’ve never heard of blackface before. I don’t care where your intentions stand. It’s still a racist thing to do. And he should’ve just apologized properly and got on with it.

I see what you are saying and I fully agree that a more sincere and proper apology is in fact needed, out of respect for himself and the fans. I do not think that one tweet is going to make everything alright. Hopefully a video will be posted with an apology or something will be said during the next CT.

I hope so too. I’m glad you see where I’m coming from on the topic!